Aria Reboot Camp Seminar 
FALL Session!!!

four evenings  
Target start date: ~Sept. 17
at 7-9 PM
+ public concert date 

All dates TBD

5 weekly sessions (4 evenings and 5 coachings plus a concert!) 
Have you been planning to update/tweak your audition package of 5 arias this fall in preparation for the upcoming audition season? Here’s a great way to do it!!!

Some of our Participants shared these thoughts:

“Thank you so much for a wonderful experience at Audition ReBoot! I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and am excited to have added a few new arias to my audition package.”  
---Abigail Mitchell, Summer 2018 Audition Reboot Camp

“The course and concert were both wonderful experiences. Thank you, Susan, for creating a welcoming environment for young and expressive singers, for your time, knowledge, and brilliant coaching.”   
---Hanna Socorro, Summer 2018 Audition Reboot Camp

“Thank you so much Susan! I learned so much last month especially about learning and memorization tactics. I really appreciated the boot camp and look forward to bringing this rep to the audition room!”
---Lauren ****, Summer 2018 Audition Reboot Camp

SINGTHROUGH CENTRAL is offering a SPECIAL FALL 5 Week Seminar including BOTH a Private Coaching (at your discretion) and a Weekly Studio/Audition Class on a weeknight. We’ll plan a concert for the last class.

    1st Coaching - A singing/aria planning consultation - Go through your current list, what do you want to change, what do you still like. Decide why you're making these changes.....Make a plan for the next sessions.

1st Class - An introduction to each other and to the rest of the classes. Perform one of your 5 that you love. We'll discuss our individual missions that are provoking these changes. Constructive feedback optional.

2nd-4th Coachings - Work on new arias, new options for the list.

2nd-4th Classes - An opportunity to try out new repertoire for yourself and on colleagues. Again, feedback is optional.

5th Class - ACTUALLY a performance in a larger space, a chance to invite friends/family/fans to see/hear you sing your new repertoire. 
Last summer and fall our final concerts were in the Shetler Penthouse.

DETAILS: Pricing/Person and Scheduling
$350. (max in group 6)This includes up to 5 hours of private coaching and 10 hours of class/group time all told. 

Email to sign up for this seminar